rosemary roast chicken

rosemary roast chicken

Few things are as appealing as a whole roasted chicken on a bed of vegetables. In our home, this roast chicken has just fast-tracked its way to the number 1 spot on the charts for us. My husband even dreams of it – no kidding!

I used two different recipes to create the flavourful roast below. One recipe from The Nourished Kitchen which is one of my favourite sites filled with tons of nutritious real food recipes and the other recipe from  Jamie Oliver. Both wholesome and nourishing recipe ideas from two fantastic cooks. Read through both recipes to juice up your idea storehouse and get cooking.

Here’s what I used:

1 whole cleaned chicken
fresh rosemary
fresh parsley
green chilli paste
assorted vegetables (I used sweet potato*, zucchini, red pepper, potatoes*)
whole lemon*
garlic bulb (cut in half – peel and slice half and leave the other half unpeeled in chunk size)
salt and pepper

Here’s how I did it:

Preheat oven to 300F.

Pat the chicken dry after you’ve cleaned it. Massage it with a salt and pepper rub and leave to rest in the fridge. Some recipes call to leave this rub on overnight, but now who has the time for that. I only had about 30-45 minutes to give this rub time to work it’s magic.

Parboil the potatoes and set them aside. (see note on lemon below to optionally include at this step).

While the chicken is resting, chop all the greens (remove rosemary stalks) and leave a good amount aside  for a garnish. Mix the chopped herbs with the ghee to get a nice smooth paste. Add green chilli for some kick. If you want, add any other spices you fancy – just toss ‘em in the mix. Also add the sliced half clove of garlic into the herb ghee.

Gently pull the skin away from the chicken with a smooth knife, careful not to tear the skin. Now rub some of the paste between the skin and meat, and the rest slathered onto the skin. Be generous! Add more ghee if you need 😉

At this point it looks like this:
rosemary roast chicken

With a sharp knife, prick a lemon randomly and stuff it into the cavity of the chicken, together with the unsliced half the garlic bulb. Drizzle with olive oil, take a photo and tuck this baby into the oven.

Leave in the oven to slow-roast for 2 hours.

After that, increase the heat to 425F for 25 minutes. Throw the vegetables into the roasting tray for this last bit as well, with a fresh sprig of rosemary –  if you prefer softer veggies, steam beforehand or amend times. Uncovered at this point will give you that crispy delicious skin, sadly I did forget to do this, but will give it a shot next time.

Garnish with fresh chopped parsley and serve!

*Jamie Oliver placed the lemon into the potatoes while they were boiling – great idea! Since I missed that, I just microwaved the lemon for a short while then used it. Now that you know, don’t use the microwave option.

Do send the photo of your roast with your  version of  this recipe to us at


PS – as always, never follow recipe instructions.


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