Roast Leg of Lamb

Roast leg is my favourite dish we eat on Eid. We normally have it for supper on Eid along with homemade bread, sweet yellow rice and an assortment of vegetables. Over the years as the family has grown so has the demand for roast leg. The night before Eid is spent in the kitchen, my mom, my sisters and I. My dad and brother join us in the kitchen once they realise that’s where all the tasters are needed. The preparation of the lamb is simple:

Coarse salt
Pepper corns
Olive oil

Give the garlic, salt and pepper corns a good bash in your pestle and mortar. Once you garlic is pasty drizzle some olive oil and voila you have the marinade. Now, take a sharp knife and pierce the lamb about a finger-size digit deep. Do this all over the leg and fill each little pocket you created with a little bit of marinade. Massage the remainder of your marinade into the leg and cover it before you leave it overnight.

This is what your marinated leg should look like:

The marinating is the easy part, its the cooking the roast that requires more skill. My mom starts with the roast early in the morning so that she can let it cook slowly.

Heat your pot on a medium heat and melt a blob of butter  just so that there is a thin layer at the bottom. When the pot is hissing add the leg and allow to brown on one side before turning it over. This is meant to seal in the flavour. Turn your heat down to its lowest setting and keep turning the leg every 15mins. With the juices that remain in the marinating bowl, add a little water and use in small parts if the pot gets dry. After about and hour and half your leg would have shrunk and cooked through with the meat starting to pull away from the bone.

This is what your roast should look like when it’s ready:


  1. Can we put this in a crockpot or slow cooker for the day? Will we need to turn it over even then?

    1. I have never used a crockpot to make roast – I think you will get something a little different ie meat falling off the bone and very tender. With this method the meat only pulls away from the bone a little bit and you would need to slice the leg once it is cooked.

  2. It came out quite well, though a little peppery as I am partial to it. Thanks for the recipe.

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