Million Dollar Chevro

Million Dollar Chevro
 (taken off the CII website, I tweaked it here and there)
1 kg plain whole cashew nuts; halved lengthwise
1 kg plain whole almonds with skin; halved across
1/2 kg plain whole pecan nuts; halved lengthwise
1/2 kg flaked almonds
1/2 kg flaked coconut

Roast all the above in the oven, each separately until they’re crispened but does not change colour. I put it on 100C for about 25 minutes each ingredient and tossed it every 8 minutes or so for even roasting (shorter time for the coconut)


2 bars of Sally Williams’ Nougat (I used the almond one); cut into small cubes (have to work with icing sugar and a damn decent knife for this one!)

1 box (which equates to 2 cups) Sally Williams’ Rose Collection turkish delight; cut into small cubes

Mix and toss the above cubes in: 4 Tbls maizena + 2 Tbls icing sugar.
Other ingredients:
1 packet dried cubed pineapple (here in Durbs, Manolis Fruits sells a 500g packet, so I used this. I cubed the Turkish D and Nougat in the same sized cubes as these dried pineapple cubes)
2 packets dried cubed fruit (same as above)
5 packets Jelly Tots (I used the Crazy Berries one, so the colour theme was pink and purple only)


Toss the roasted ingredients, with the nougat + Turkish delight + dried fruit cubes + Jelly Tots.

Voila! 🙂

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  1. Shaaista · · Reply

    I came across ur profile while looking for the recipe. How many kgs does a full recipe give u

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