Kitchens without Borders is a community website that brings together recipes from all over the world. We share tried and tested recipes that we hope will encourage people to get get back into their kitchens.

Some meals are very healthy, while others are just healthier than the junk food many people live on.

Having recipes from all over the world will keep us cooking tasty and exciting dishes, and will remove all the borders between our kitchens!

The idea was initialized by one Ayesha Jacub who now runs the website with Farzana Gardee & Amina Ebrahim.

Our wonderful contributors include:
Salma Mayet
Naseera Hoorzook
Aaliyah Hoosen
Naazneen Moolla
and many other guest contributors

We would love to share your recipes as well. Submit them here: kitchenswithoutborders@gmail.com

One comment

  1. Salaam, I am looking for a vegetable dish made with brinjal, drum sticks, broad beans, fried patta and lots of other indian veggies – can you assist me please. Jazakallah

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