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Coffee Pecan Brownies

Being a foodie, I’ve immersed myself in a good few spaces to engage and exchange, inspire and be inspired on all things concerning f-o-o-d. This recipe was sourced from a South African foodie celeb, Angela Day – a household name who’s earned a stable reputation for successful baking and cooking. Angela Day has a column […]

Million Dollar Chevro

Million Dollar Chevro (taken off the CII website, I tweaked it here and there) 1 kg plain whole cashew nuts; halved lengthwise 1 kg plain whole almonds with skin; halved across 1/2 kg plain whole pecan nuts; halved lengthwise 1/2 kg flaked almonds 1/2 kg flaked coconut Roast all the above in the oven, each separately […]

Wholewheat Puris

Wholewheat Puris (adapted from – Naqiyah’s recipe for Brown Puris) For brown use: 1 cup of brown flour + 1 cup sifted white flour For whole-wheat use: 1/2 cup nutty-wheat flour + 1,5 cups sifted white flour   Then add: 1/4 cup milk 1/4 cup warm water (for the whole-wheat option, I landed up needing a wee […]

Moussaka (Greek traditional meal with an Indian twist)

Moussaka essentially is a layered meal, with brinjal at the bottom, toppled mince thereafter and then the thickish sauce poured over and rounded up with sprinkling of cheese and breadcrumbs to complete the layered dish. I instead melded the veggies into the mince, so that there would be no resistance from separating veg from meat […]

Roasted Veggie Medley

For a household of two, buying prepackaged raw veggies sometimes feels like bulk-buying, especially when person-number-two doesn’t eat (m)any veggies. So to make sure that veggies still feature at all meals without the effort of preparing these every-single-meal-time, and to prevent any untouched leftovers from getting wasted in the fridge; I decided to roast them […]

Crumble Topping Cake

I’ve established a theory that cakes that have milk sloshed into the batter, in its final stages of preparation for the oven, turn out being really tasty. Cake has so many factors that make it successful, if it’s not the texture (moist, dense, spongy) then it’s the icing (creamy, iced, glam-looking or just over-the-top with […]

Wholewheat Rolls

Ingredients 325g wholewheat flour (or Nutty Wheat flour) (equivalent to 625ml) 360g cake flour (or all-purpose flour) (equivalent to 3 x 250ml) 2 tsp salt 3 tsp brown sugar 10g Anchor Instant Dry Yeast (any good quality instant dry yeast will suffice) 10g margarine (equivalent to 2tsp melted) 450ml lukewarm water (ensure this is neither […]

Shortbread Ice Cream

(In advance, set aside): 2 x 100g slabs whole nut chocolate, grated; 4 x 50g mini packets Tennis biscuits OR 1 x standard-sized Tennis biscuit pack, (crushed roughly) Beat 1 cup full cream fresh cream with 4 Tbls icing sugar until fluffy. Add to the whipped cream: grated chocolate + biscuit crumbles Stir into softened […]

Ferrero Ice Cream

(In advance, set aside): 2 x 100g whole nut chocolate, grated; 1 standard-sized Toblerone bar, (diced into small pieces); Have ready 2lt softened (but not melted) chocolate ice cream and stir in: whole nut choc gratings + Toblerone pieces + add in: 10 Ferreros crushed (don’t worry to crush the hazelnut centre, crush Ferreros loosely) […]