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When life gives you Granadillas

Life gave me about half a kilo of granadillas this week. Tired of making granadilla cake (last week’s granadillas) I figured I’d try to make some juice. I used: 500gr Granadilla 2 tablespoons Icing Sugar (or any alternative sweetener) 1/2 cup water It is dead simple to make. You scoop the pulp out of each […]

Day 7 – Southern Peach Juice with Basil Syrup

We end this 7 Day Juicing Challenge with a sweet peach drink. From her hometown Tennessee, Gilla Camden, shares this royal southern refresher that is perfect for summer afternoons. You’ll need: Peaches (preferably from the Empire state of the South, Georgia) A couple ice cubes Sugar to taste (or substitute agave nectar, honey, etc.) Water […]

Day 6 – Oh-So-Green Juice

With green juices all the rage these days, Rogeema Kenny, from beautiful Cape Town, shares her green juice recipe. Basic Recipe: 2 cups spinach 1 lemon 1 apple 1 carrot few slices ginger pinch of salt (Himalayan rock salt or pure sea salt) Additions: (can be added according to availability) fennel tatsoi (1 or 2 […]

Day 5 – Strawberry and Melon Juice

My mom’s a big juicing fan – if it can go into the blender, its juice in our home.  And from my mom’s kitchen in Johannesburg, South Africa, comes this easy and refreshing combo made by my lovely niece, Aarifah. You’ll need: – strawberries – green melon – water – sweetener of your choice (sugar, […]

Day 4 – Bright Fruit Blend

After yesterday’s power green mix, Eighty shares with us her punchy mix of orange and yellow fruits for Day 4 of our 7 Day Juicing Challenge! From Amsterdam (Netherlands), in a cozy popular neighbourhood called Betondorp, comes this beaming blend of sunshine. You’ll need: 1/2 cup of orange juice 1 banana 6 to 7 pieces […]

Day 3 – Mean Green Flower Power

From his kitchen in Qatar, Malik Oxford shares this power blend of greens. This one is sure to pack some punch and give you quite the energy boost! You’ll need: 2 cucumbers 2 big bunches of spinach (a handful equals a bunch) 1 lime 1/4 teaspoon of rose water 1 piece of ginger 4Granny Smith […]

Day 2 – Carrot and Ginger Combo

This past Ramadan I have included fresh fruit and vegetable juices for most of my evening meals. In an effort to maintain this habit, here’s a bright drink to liven up any day! For day 2 of our 7 Day Juicing Challenge, try this carrot and ginger combo. You’ll need: – carrots – sliced ginger […]

Day 1 – Raw Beetroot Juice

We kick off our 7-Day Juicing Challenge with Boutaina Azzabi’s Raw Beetroot juice. From her kitchen in the Netherlands, she shares with us  this ‘uber healthy and delish’ beetroot juice. You’ll need: – Beetroot – lemon juice (half a lemon) – Orange blossom water (homemade) – teaspoon of sugar Give everything a blend and voila, […]